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365 Day Unseen Movie Marathon – Day 53 – RED ROCK WEST (1993)

Title: Red Rock West

Directed by: John Dahl

Written by: John Dahl & Rick Dahl

Current Flickchart position:  #470 of 1366 overall.  My #12 film, of 47, from the year 1993.

What It’s About:
When a promised job for Texan Michael (Nicolas Cage) fails to materialise in Wyoming, Mike is mistaken by barman (J.T. Walsh) to be the hitman he hired to kill his unfaithful wife, Suzanne (Lara Flynn Boyle).  Mike takes full advantage of the situation, collects the money and runs.  During his getaway, things go wrong, and soon get worse when he runs into the real hitman, Lyle (Dennis Hopper).

General Comments:
A fairly decent neo-noir that’s elevated by the presence of Cage and Hopper.  Lara Flynn Boyle is as bad as she is in everything else and adds absolutely nothing to the film.  Other than that it’s a pretty standard film.

Watch Red Rock West because Dennis Hopper is the definition of cool.

Rating:  6/10

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